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Can You Love Someone but Not Like Them?

This question arrived in a comment from one of our readers. Can you love someone but not like them? Our take on this is that this is an all too common occurrence. Can you love someone but not like them? Yes! And that can be a problem if what you want in the end is […]


Buscando Romance en línea

¿Buscando romance? Citas en línea pueden ser una gran manera de conocer a mucha gente y encontrar a alguien especial. Si usted está buscando una primera cita caliente o una relación fuerte que dure toda la vida,  buscar romance en línea puede ser la respuesta. Sitios de citas en línea le dan la oportunidad de […]


Win the Fight or Keep the Relationship

What do you do when you become angry at the person whom you love? You had a hot first date. Things were going well and then both of you have become angry about something or other. What do you do? Do you pick a fight or sulk? Do you go on the attack or give […]


The Naked Truth about Love

What is love? How do we find love? Can we really find love online? The naked truth about love is that you need to love to be loved. You need to trust that love is there if you want to find it. And you need to believe in the ultimate goodness of life in order […]


Looking for Romance Online

Looking for romance? Online dating can be a great way to meet a lot of people and find that special someone. Whether you are looking for a hot first date or a strong relationship that lasts a lifetime, looking for romance online may be the answer. Online dating sites give you the opportunity to post […]


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