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Lame Dating Advice

A well-known dating advice site recent posted suggestions for men who want a hot first date, sex on the first date, and a continuing sexy relationship. Unfortunately what they offered is really lame dating advice. It was in fact such lame dating advice that if the guy followed this advice he would likely not get […]


Advice to the Lovelorn

A generation or more ago it was common to see columns offering advice to the lovelorn in every newspaper in the country. With the demise of big city newspapers we have also seen the demise of advice to the lovelorn offers. Anyone who routinely encounters a series of hot first dates or commonly finds sex […]


How To Have A Good First Date

We all would like a hot first date, love at first sight, and love ever after. However, a more practical matter is how to have a good first date. What can you do to increase the odds of having a good time with your new friend on your first date? Here are a few thoughts […]


Workplace Dating Advice

So you think that a man or woman with whom you work is attractive and you would like to gain their attention and maybe go out on a date. Here is a little workplace dating advice. First of all remember that there are all sorts of problems when dating someone who reports to you or […]


Funny Pickup Lines

The purpose of a pickup line is to get the attention of someone. The purpose is also to gain a sufficiently favorable impression that you end up going out with them. There are a lot of pickup lines that you can use and a lot of pickup lines that will help you end up with […]


Sea una persona quien sabe escuchar cuando sales con alguien

Todos tienen una historia y todo el mundo le gusta contar su historia. Pero hay veces cuando es mejor ser una persona quien sabe escuchar cuando sale con alguien. Deja que la otra persona cuente su historia. Ser una persona quien sabe escuchar no significa es totalmente tranquila. Sea una persona quien sabe escuchar y […]


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