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What Should A Latina Expect When Dating A Gringo?

Let us say that you are a woman in Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, or Mexico. You have met an American or Canadian and he has asked you out on a date. What can you expect? What should a Latina expect when dating a gringo? Is he rich? What does he expect from you? If things […]


8 Ways Student Debt Has Really Ruined Dating

The economic downturn has taken a particularly hard toll on young adults. College has become a prerequisite for many careers but scholarship money is scarce (just 35% of students received a scholarship in 2012, down from 45% in the previous year) and tuition has skyrocketed, allowing the collective student debt in the U.S. to outpace […]


Women Attracted to Muscular Men

Are women attracted to muscular men? As men head to the gym for a workout this may be their belief? Then the question is just how much muscle is attractive and how much is just too much? Are some women attracted to muscular men while others are attracted to men with a slim and less […]


Ten cuidado de ser un profesional de citas

Es posible ser un profesional de citas y no tener ninguna relación con alguien especial. Ten cuidado si tiene mucha experiencia en citas pero nunca pasa a una relación. Es posible por fin tener una vida sola sin amor. Es mejor conseguir una persona con quien quiere vivir, compartir cosas, y crecer una vida. Es […]


Cita de Sábado por la Noche

Una pregunta está circulando en el mundo de citas en ciberespacio. Tiene que ver con la noche oficial de citas. A primera vista parece una pregunta extraña. De verdad todas las citas son citas. Si desea conocer a la persona y pasar un buen rato, una noche podría ser tan buena como la siguiente. Pero […]


Beware of Being a Dating Professional

Much of the dating advice that we give on these pages could be learned through experience. The more times that you go out with someone the more you learn about dating. However, most people eventually find that special someone. They cease to have dates and have a relationship. So, they don’t really get to be […]


Saturday Night Date

A recent question is circulating in the online dating world. It has to do with what night is the official night for dates. At first glance this seems like a strange question. After all dates are dates and if you want to get to know the person and have a good time, one night might […]


Cinco pasos para llegar a una relación

Las citas deben de ser divertidas. Pueden empezar a ser casuales pero al final la mayoría de nosotros deseamos que una relación. Llegue hacer lo más divertido, sexy, excitante y romántico. Con estos pensamientos en mente, aquí hay cinco pasos para llegar a una relación. Primera cita Alguien tiene que pedir una cita. Esto puede […]


Five Steps to a Relationship

Dating should be fun. It may start out being casual but in the end most of us want a relationship. It is the getting there that can be a problem. And getting there should be the most fun, romantic, exciting, and sexy. With these thoughts in mind here are five steps to a relationship. First […]


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