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While Valentine’s Day is easily one of the busiest days of the year for a florist, it’s certainly not the only reason people buy flowers. Whether it’s for a first date, to say you’re sorry or just to show someone you’re thinking of them, flowers are a great way to show someone you care.  Different occasions call for different types of flowers, so how do you decide which flowers are best for the occasion you’re sending them? These questions and others are answered in the following 15 blog posts.  Take the guesswork out of sending flowers and make sure the flowers you are sending are conveying the right message to the recipient.

Unique Ways to Give Flowers

Anyone can walk in and hand someone flowers from the grocery store, but what about those times when you wanted to go above and beyond or do something different? From sprinkling rose petals from the door to the bedroom to having a beautiful bouquet of Gerber daises waiting on the kitchen table, there are plenty of unique ways to give flowers. The more ingenious you are with the delivery, the more memorable it will be for the recipient.  These five blog entries will give you some ideas to get started.

Romantic Ways to Give Flowers to that Special Someone – This blogs details several different ways to memorably give flowers to someone you care about.

3 Unique Ways to Give Someone Flowers – This post is chock full of fantastic ideas on how to be a little different when giving flowers.  One idea that is given is to give one flower at a time tied to an old photo so that you and your significant other can take a walk down memory lane as the bouquet builds.

Have Flowers Delivered in Unique Ways – Figure out ways to tie in your loved ones interests at the same time you give her flowers.

How to Give Flowers Like a Victorian Gentleman – This blogger tells you how to bring back the romance in your relationship by giving flowers to your loved one in an old fashioned way.

Alternative Ways to Give, Carry and Display Flowers – Ever thought about putting flowers into a waffle cone?  How about in a coffee carryout box?  These and other ideas are offered up on this blog.

The Meaning behind Flowers

Back in Victorian times every flower had a specific meaning, and when a gentleman would give a lady a flower she would know exactly how he felt about her based on the type of flower he chose.  If you want your flowers to accurately convey your emotions, check out these five blog posts that go into depth about what different flowers signify.

Valentine Flowers and the Meaning of Color in Roses – You can stick with red flowers for the person you love, but you can also send mixed messages by including white with the red to mean unity.  This blog explains much more about what messages you can send with flowers.

The Meaning of Flowers – You can get a detailed look at floriography and a comprehensive list on what each type of flower means by reading this blog post.  This is an exhaustive list, so this may be a source you’d like to bookmark for future reference.

The Hidden Meaning of Flowers – Learn a bit of history about flowers by reading this blog, which gives an interesting explanation for how coded messages were sent using flowers and other objects.

Is There Anything as Enchanting as the Meaning of Flowers? – Many flowers and their meaning are explained on this post, allowing you to pick the appropriate flowers to share your feelings.

Flower Dictionary with Flower Meanings and Flower Pictures – This guide is geared toward weddings and can give couples an idea of what they want the flowers at their wedding to say.  You wouldn’t want to use a flower that says grief at a wedding for instance.  This is a good resource for future brides.

Etiquette to Sending Flowers

When should you send flowers and to whom?  Should you send white roses to an Asian woman?  You can find out different rules regarding sending flowers in these five blogs, such as if you should send flowers to a business or not.  There are more rules to sending flowers than you might have previously thought, so make sure you’re following the etiquette of flower sending before purchasing your next bouquet.

The Etiquette of Sending Flowers – As the population becomes more diverse you must keep in mind what the culture or the religion is of the person to who you are sending flowers.  For example, Jewish people do not have flowers at a funeral, so you would need to send the flowers to their home instead.  This blog is filled with important facts about flower giving.

Proper Flower Etiquette – This blogger has defined some common flowers, the occasions you might send them and to whom you might send them.  For example, you probably don’t want to send red roses to your secretary for secretary’s day, for fear of sending the wrong message!

Flower Etiquette: What Bouquet Advance at Work? – An interesting breakdown of what flowers to give to someone at work and what the flowers can do for or against the way you look.

Funeral Flowers Etiquette – Find a list of what types of flowers and arrangements should be sent if you are part of the immediate family, extended family or are a business associate of the deceased.  These guidelines will help you send the appropriate arrangement.

Modern Etiquette in Flower Giving – These tips can really help you if you are trying to figure out what kind of flowers you should send someone to say, “Get Well” or “Congratulations.”  Dating has changed and so has flower giving according to this blogger.

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