10 Ways Women Can Abuse a Man’s Generosity

Today’s woman is typically portrayed in the media and entertainment field as financially and emotionally independent. That being said, the “typical” portrayal of any demographic is almost always based upon generalizations; despite the “independent woman” archetype, there are still plenty of old-fashioned gold-diggers out there searching for a naïve gentleman to take care of them. Here are ten of the ways that some women can take advantage of a good-hearted, generous man:

1 Inadvertently – Some women abuse a man’s generosity without meaning to; by simply talking about material things that she’d like to have or trips she’d like to take, a well-meaning man will shower her with these things in order to win her approval and affection.

2 Because She’s Accustomed To Lavish Gifts – Ladies who are used to always having the finer things in life can be so disdainful of less expensive gifts that the man in her life feels as if he has to pull out all the stops just to compete. Dropping not-so-subtle hints about the generosity of past lovers can spur a man to make similar gestures at first, but will almost always backfire in the long run.

3 By Pretending To Have Feelings She Doesn’t – A beautiful young woman who feigns feelings for a well-heeled older man is such a common occurrence that an entire genre of novels and films use it as a central plot point. Fake affection may ease a man’s loneliness for a short time, but the lack of substance usually dooms the eventual outcome of the relationship.

4 By Making Him Feel Inadequate – Using the lavish purchases bestowed upon her friends and acquaintances by their significant others to make the man in her life feel inadequate is one of the oldest tricks in the proverbial book. Preying upon the instinct that many men have to keep up with or surpass those that they perceive to be rivals might net a few pricey purchases, but often leads to a stressed-out and bitter mate.

5 Gradually Taking Less Responsibility For Her Own Living Expenses – By allowing a wealthy man to take financial responsibility for her over the course of several months or even years, a crafty woman can eventually find herself being “kept” and her mate completely bewildered about how he managed to acquire such responsibility.

6 The Guilt Trip – By playing the part of a damsel in distress and making a man feel pity or even guilt for a precarious financial situation, a woman can easily take advantage of a good man’s eagerness to protect and care for someone he loves.

7 Becoming More And More Difficult To Please – When gifts are no longer greeted with the usual enthusiasm he’s accustomed to, men may ramp up their efforts to ensure their lady’s pleasure. Treating gifts with a growing level of indifference is an effective but despicable way of coercing a man into spending more than he can afford.

8 Never Offering To Foot (Or Even Split) The Bill – Suggesting that a woman pay even her share of the bill is something that even the most progressive men usually feel awkward about; as a result, when a woman never offers to pay, he may just assume responsibility in order to avoid any unwanted unpleasantness.

9 Outright Dishonesty – There are women who will result to bold-faced lies just to get a generous man to buy expensive gifts or shower her with money. This risky trick has also landed many a woman in hot water when her fabrications begin to unravel.

10 Demanding Extravagant Outings – While many of the techniques that parasitic women employ rely upon some level of subterfuge, there are those who take a more direct route and simply demand to be treated to expensive vacations, dinners, and outings. Unaccustomed to being taken advantage of so blatantly, some men find themselves complying in bewilderment.

Women who accidentally let hints drop about extravagant gifts they’d like or expensive trips they dream of taking may be inadvertently abusing a man’s generous nature, but it’s quite excusable when compared to some of the cloak-and-dagger routes taken by greedier, more shrewd women. While there are men out there who will knowingly and willingly allow himself to be taken advantage of, the majority of men find themselves unsure of exactly how they ended up in such a predicament.

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