10 Ways To Sneak A Text In During a Date

Most people would think that texting during a date would be considered rude and inappropriate. However, there may be circumstances that come up that would require a text. Maybe you forgot to tell the babysitter something and sneaking in a text would be less distracting then excusing yourself for a phone call. Listed below are ten ways to sneak in a text during a date.

  1. While your date is in the bathroom. Obvious, but also opportune. You should have enough time not only for a quick text but also a check on your email as well while they are gone.
  2. While you are in the bathroom. This is an easy way to get away from the table to sneak in a text. You may or may not need to use the restroom, but you can get away for a minute without seeming rude.
  3. In the car. If you are not the one driving you may be able to get away with texting while your date is distracted with the road. Just make sure it is a quick text or type sporadically in order not to bring attention to yourself.
  4. In a movie theatre. Texting can be difficult to navigate in a dark theatre without getting caught since your phone lights up and you really should look at what you are typing before hitting send, but it can be done. Keep your phone on the seat next to your leg farthest from your date to hide what you are doing.
  5. At the dinner table. If you are sitting across from your date instead of next to them, you can keep your phone on your lap and text whenever they aren’t looking or in brief texts over time.
  6. Distract them. This can be done just about anywhere. If you distract your date by caressing their hand with one of yours you free up your other hand and have their attention on something else.
  7. Busted. If you are caught texting during a date and get the ever disapproving glare, sneak a quick text to your date. If you compliment or flirt with them via text they may think it was you texting them the whole time, and you are off the hook.
  8. Silence is the answer. Make sure you keep your phone set to vibrate or silence. If you are texting or expecting to get a text you want to read you are sure to get busted if your phone starts beeping, and then you look down at it.
  9. Hold your menu in front of your phone. If it’s a dinner date, and you have a large enough menu to stand it up on the table, you can set your phone down and text away, while pretending to look at the menu.
  10. Be honest. If all else fails you can always be honest and tell your date who you need to text and why. If it is a legitimate reason you should be off the hook.

You may have a true emergency that needs attention, or you may just be bored, but whatever the reason make sure you do not annoy your date with constant checking of the phone, or sending text messages.

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