10 Ways To Propose Marriage Using Facebook

Facebook is used for many different types of personal communication, both positive and negative.

It would be interesting to know how many people have used facebook to propose marriage and what creative way they used to pop the question. Here are ten ideas on how it might be done.

  1. Share A Video Proposal – Create a video of your proposal, down on one knee and the ring in hand. Then post the video on the facebook wall of your sweetheart. Hopefully, she will be the first to view it, and no one else will spoil the surprise.
  2. Note Proposal – Write up your proposal on a facebook note and tag the lady in the note that the proposal is meant for. You can share it further after she responds with the affirmative, but keep that initial tag just for her.
  3. Upload A Photo Of The Ring – Upload a photo of the engagement ring and tag the lady as being in the photo. A simple, “Will you marry me _____?” as the title of the photo, should complete the proposal.
  4. Sweet And Simple – Why make it complicated? You could just message her or post on her wall. You could even do this with your phone while you are both sitting in the room and watch for her reaction when she reads it.
  5. Request Relationship Status Change – Make the proposal a little more subtle by requesting that she change her facebook relationship status to ‘engaged’. You might add a little, “I will, if you will,” note to that.
  6. Change Relationship Status – Another version of the relationship change would be for you to change your own relationship status to engaged, and then ask her if she’s willing to make the leap to the next tier with you.
  7. Event invitation – Create a facebook ‘event’ for an engagement party, and invite only her. Then you get to wait for her response of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or the miserable ‘maybe’.
  8. Fiance List – You probably have a family list and a friends list on facebook. You might even have other lists, such as co-workers and acquaintances. You could create a special ‘fiance’ list and add her to that list, and then ask her if she approves of the list you’ve put her on.
  9. Poll Question – You can create these great polling questions on facebook. Why not create a proposal poll? Will ____ marry me? Yes No Of course!
  10. Share Jewelers Website – Locate the website of your local jeweler and post the link to the site on her facebook page and ask her if she’d be willing to meet your there to do some shopping or if you should just pick out the ring yourself.

This is a pretty simple list. I’m sure there are some creative guys out there that have come up with some much more romantic ideas than these. If you really want to keep it romantic, however, do the proposal in person, instead of on facebook.

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