10 Ways People Use Twitter To Flirt

Dating becomes more complex and requires more tech savvy with each passing year. The more social media and communication venues we have, the more involved becomes the process of flirting. Opportunities abound for sending out the message that someone somewhere interests you. If you’ve got a Twitter account, here are some ways people are using it to twirt:

1. YourTwitter profile can let the world know what you’re into and why you’re tweeting. It gives other tweeters an idea of what you’re all about, and a chance to follow you. From there, you can get those flirty tweets rolling.

2. Some tweets are actually the product of budding romances that began elsewhere, like Facebook, where the parties were less inclined to be openly flirtatious. So they moved their playful banter over to Twitter where their feeds could keep them in constant flirty, and more anonymous, contact.

3. @-tweets and replies are messages directed at a specific profile, so you can send your flirtatious signals to the object of your desires that way. Alternately, and more discreetly, you can opt for this next option …

4. DM’s or Direct messages are a way to get the ball rolling one-on-one. Tweeters can message one another directly using this feature. So when they see the possibility for a bit more than socializing, they can go private via the DM.

5. Creating hash tags with suggestive messages is another way to flirt with someone, while being coy and humorous at the same time. It allows you to subliminally send a signal that you’re interested, in such a way that only your person of interest would “get” even though it’s sent publicly.

6. As with other text media, winky and playful emoticons are heavily employed, particularly since the character count leaves little room for dialogue. The use of symbols is a necessity on Twitter more so than in phone texting or emails.

7. Twitter dating sites like or Luv@FirstTweet make your flirting a lot easier. You can set up a profile and find romantic prospects via these sites in order to get to know people a lot more easily, using a focused search.

8. Euphemisms are not only a shrewd way to convey your message covertly over a public medium, they also can add a tinge of fun to the game of cat-and-mouse that flirting so often is. Particularly for members whose current relationship status necessitates prudence, this tactic is a popular ruse.

9. Photos back and forth are a great way to really take the next step and get to know each other better. Again, this is something that should be dome in DM or Facebook messages for obvious reasons.

10. TwirtMe is another site where you can set up a profile, sign into your Twitter account and twirt with people in your area, or anywhere else. It’s a completely free service and gets you in touch with others of similar interests.

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