10 Top Dating Ideas In Melbourne Australia

Those in Australia have a wonderful advantage when it comes to date night. This is one of the most romantic spots in the world. Melbourne, Australia offers a great variety of fun things to do that are out of the ordinary and exciting. Forget that dinner and a movie idea. There are many other things to do here that will make for a great date. Here are the 10 top ideas for dating in Melbourne Australia for you to consider:

The ocean is one of the greatest tourist draws for Australia, and for good reason. Here are miles of beautiful beaches and sunny warm weather to enjoy it. St. Kilda Beach is a popular spot for couples. Here are many seaside restaurants an cafes to choose from, each offering unique culinary creations. Choose a restaurant to please and then enjoy a swim, oceanside sunset or moonlight stroll on the beach.

If you are looking for something a bit more casual but still prefer the ocean views, pack a picnic lunch and a blanket. You are sure to find the perfect spot for your getaway and enjoy the best of luxury and nature.

Melbourne is surrounded on all sides by wineries that offer a great day trip experience. Within an hour of the city you can tour a winery and experience world class wine and dining. The Yarra Valley is famous for its boutique wineries. Located nearby is the Dandenong Rangers offering walking and hiking trails.

Get a change of pace and take a trip to the ice rink at Docklands. This is an experience that any young at hearts are sure to enjoy. Friday and Saturday nights you can find a wild new experience here with the disco skate.

The nearby Queen Victoria market is a great place to stroll and browse unique and specialty goods from area vendors. Sunday is the best day to enjoy this shopping area, although you will find that it always offers up incredible quantities of fresh produce and meats. While in Victoria, stop by the Mornington Peninsula and visit some of the finest area beaches along the Great Ocean Road. It is here that you can view the Twelve Apostles, a set of rocks that stand out of the ocean in an interesting fashion.

A true gentleman can choose to rent a rowing boat on the Yarra River and row his sweetie to a Studley Park destination. The park follows the river for quite a long distance. You can escape the business of the city and find a quiet romantic escape in the park, which is also a perfect picnic destination.

Visit the planetarium in town for an amazing up close look at the stars and enjoy some amazing shows hosted there as well. Another must see is the Melbourne 360, featured at the top of the Rialto building at the heart of the city. This is a well known landmark that offers 360 degree views of the city and also offers an award winning film spectacular and cafe.

Mention Melbourne to an Australian, and they will immediately think shopping. Melbourne loves to shop and knows how to do it right! Here you will find some of the hottest outlet shops, featuring high end couture as well as unique local fare.

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How do you start dating someone you don’t see everyday?

I would like to start dating a girl but I have run into a few issues. Its very hit and miss whether or not i see her. If i do i definitely talk to her. However most of the time it’s in the bar when were both pretty wasted. I don’t want to be a creep and take advantage of this. I have her on facebook and her number, however we live in small town (3000 people) where there’s essential nothing to do. So dates off (not very private, run into people you know). Any ideas?

How do you know she likes you? And there has to be at least something to do. Maybe movies? That’s still private even if you know a lot of people. Or you could drive out to the nearest biggest city. Then you wont know anyone.

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