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What method did creationists use to disprove the accuracy of carbon dating?

Bear with me…

From a quote I just read here today: Carbon dating has been proved to be wrong by several thousand years…

I see…

So what method did the creationists use that was more accurate than carbon dating in order to demonstrate this discrepancy? And wouldn’t that imply that we do, in fact, possess an accurate dating method?

P.S. I know carbon dating is no longer the main one, especially when it comes to much older specimens, but creationists seem to be generally stuck on these findings about the inaccuracy of carbon dating. That’s why I ask about that one.

I believe they are recycling the filth spewed forth by Kent Hovind when he misquoted research papers that say carbon dating doesn’t work… deep beneath the ocean where carbon 14 doesn’t come from the air, and thus animals appear much older than they really are.

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