10 Things People Might Bite on a Date

People want to look their overall best on a date, and that includes their teeth. They want their teeth to be pearly white and their breath to be fresh and clean, for appearance sake of course, but how about for practical purposes? Have you considered all the things people use their teeth for when they’re dating? There could be a lot of biting going on and you should make sure your chompers are up to the task. Haven’t really thought about it? Here are 10 things people might bite when they’re out on a date.

1. Breath Mint -They want to have fresh breath so it’s likely that most people will pop a breath mint at some point. If they’re like me, they won’t have the patience to let it dissolve completely and end up chomping it up in the end. A breath mint may the first thing to take a bite of on a date.

2. Their Lip – First dates can make people apprehensive, so it stands to reason they may bite their lip at some point. Does this outfit look ok? Will it fit the occasion? Maybe this whole thing was a bad idea. There could be a lot of lip biting happening on a date.

3. Their Tongue – People on dates sure don’t want to say the wrong thing, so there may be a time to bite their tongue. Whether this is actually or figuratively speaking, there could come a point in the conversation that calls for prudence. Instead of blurting out the first thing that comes to mind, clamp down on that tongue until you come up with something intelligent to say. Just try not to draw blood.

4. Their Foot – Those who didn’t heed the last advice, may find themselves putting their foot in their mouth and should subsequently take a bite. How does it taste? Next time pay attention to number 3 and you won’t be dining on your foot.

5. Fingernails – Dating can make some people really nervous and that’s bad news for nail biters. No matter how much you’re tempted, don’t let your date see you bite your fingernails. This bad habit is a dead giveaway and needs to be suppressed at all costs.

6. Food – Many people go out to dinner, a movie or someplace that serves some kind of refreshment, so it wouldn’t be unusual at all to take a bite of food on a date. Whether it’s a soft pretzel at the zoo or a nice juicy steak in a fancy restaurant, food is often the central theme of dating. Take a big bite and enjoy.

7. Drink Straw – Instead of going out for food, some couples just go out for drinks on a date so they may on occasion bite on a drink straw. This is perfectly acceptable if it doesn’t get out of hand. Handing your date an empty drink glass with a totally mangled straw sticking out can be a turn off.

8. A Neck – If a date turns passionate there may be some neck nibbling going on. Lucky them! However, caution should be observed when biting necks or other various body parts. Don’t get carried away. Hickeys are so not cool.

9. More Than They Can Chew – Now here’s something couples don’t want to do on a date and that’s bite off more than they can chew. There’s something to be said for taking things slow and using caution. This metaphor should remind people they shouldn’t commit to something they’re bound to regret later.

10. The Dust – Unfortunately, some dates just don’t go well and that can mean the end of a relationship. This is the last thing people want to happen, but there may come a time when another one bites the dust. Their only choice then is to pick themselves up and move on. Better luck next time.

Dating is often described as navigating a mine field, but few compare it to the oral exercise depicted here. The next time you get ready for a date make sure your teeth are in shape for what lies ahead. Don’t bite your lip, but maybe bite your tongue while you dine on good food instead of your foot. Forego the fingernails or drink straws and you may get into some passionate neck nibbling later. And finally, don’t bite off more than you can chew or your date may end up biting the dust. Enjoy that breath mint and good luck!

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