10 Signs Your Woman Needs Manner Lessons

Neither men nor women own exclusive membership in the “rude and inconsiderate” club. And, although we all have our moments of bad manners, some folks have more than others. Here are 10 signs that your woman needs manner lessons.

  1. Personal in Public. Is your wife or girlfriend critical of your personal or private issues in public places? This is a sign that she may need some lessons in public etiquette. Public airing of your personal issues is both inconsiderate of your privacy and rude to those around you that really don’t want to hear about it.
  2. Checkout Line Scavenger Hunts. As a grocery-shopping trip winds down, does she claim a spot in the checkout line and then begin sending you or the kids to find “just these last few items?” It is not proper behavior for her to take a place near the front of the line and then delay everyone else’s ability to pay and leave while you or the kids straggle in with those last items.
  3. Checkout Line Phone Conferences. If your woman is in any sort of checkout line, talking on her mobile phone while the cashier waits for her to finish a conversation before completing the transaction, she definitely needs manner lessons.
  4. Cornered Cashier Syndrome. In any sort of shopping, does your woman take advantage of her place at the head of the cash register line to verbally thrash cashiers for things over which they have no control? If she has complaints to voice, they should be voiced to the manager, not a cashier, and certainly not while holding up the line for everyone else.
  5. Restaurant Rage. If your woman makes you cringe every time a restaurant server approaches your table, it’s probably because she could use some manner lessons. Really, it’s not the server’s fault that she ordered something other than what she actually wanted; just because she was too busy criticizing you in public to read the menu thoroughly.
  6. Public Broadcasting. If, when sitting at a table in a restaurant or coffee shop, she has phone conversations loud enough to inform the entire establishment full of people that her best friend’s boyfriend is a cad, it’s another sign that she needs some lessons in manners.
  7. Your Stuff is Trash. When she clears off a counter at home, or decides to de-clutter a room, does she throw away your stuff without asking you first? If so, she definitely needs to learn some manners.
  8. Complaints First. When either of you gets home from work or play activities, does she always begin complaining about and listing yours or other peoples’ faults before even saying hello or asking about your day? A sure sign that manner lessons are in order.
  9. Spatial Disrespect. Do her material spillovers always end up in your space? Is your side of the closet 60% filled with her clothes? Is your desk space no longer space because her stuff doesn’t all fit on her desk? These are subtle signs that she needs help in the manners department.
  10. A Rose is a Rose. You’ve stopped on your way home from work and picked up an arrangement of roses as a gift without particular occasion. However, since it was a spur of the moment decision, the florist only had white roses in stock. If her first or second remark is a reminder that she prefers red roses, sign her up for finishing school.

Manners minimize potential friction between people, and it is an unfortunate truth that some people are sadly deficient in these social lubricants.

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