10 Signs His Parents Hate You

Are you anxious about getting on your boyfriend’s parents’ good side, but feel like it might not be going as well as you’d hoped? Not sure how that’s working out, and nervous that they secretly hate you? There are some definite signs to look for to f

igure out if his parents fondness of you is feigned or not, and we’re here to share some of them with you. Take a look at these 10 signs his parents hate you:

1 They Invite You Over For Dinner. That’s great! Except, they also invite his ex-girlfriend, whose photos are all over their fireplace mantel when you arrive. Photos of you, on the other hand, are non-existent.

2 His Mother Keeps Mentioning Those TV Makeover Shows To You, and says she what wonders they could do for you. She also asks if you’d be upset if she sent in a nomination, and you get the sinking suspicion that she might have already done just that.

3 You Are Cropped Out Of All The Family Photos That Were Taken At Christmas, despite the fact that you were in the middle of the group. And guess who’s in all of them. Pretty much everyone else from the neighborhood, along with his ex.

4 When You Do Appear In Family Photos And They’re Posted On Facebook, you happen to be tagged with the wrong name, his ex-wife’s name, or worse, not at all.

5 His Dad keeps saying how excited he is that his son is thinking of becoming a priest. Mainly because he’s never had luck in the past with choosing women, and he doesn’t seem to show any signs of improvement.

6 At Midnight At His Parents New Year’s Eve Party His Mother Dashed Over To Kiss Him before you two could lock lips, almost knocking you into the punch bowl in the process.

7 Ever Since You Told Them That You Worked As A Lab Technician, they’ve introduced you to all of their friends and relatives as “Ms. Einstein, the rocket scientist”.

8 At His Mother’s Birthday Party, She Makes Her Wish – out loud – before blowing out the candles: that her son would finally meet a good woman to marry, even though his prospects to date have been less than stellar options.

9 At His Birthday Party, The Father Does The Same Thing, wishing that his son would bring someone home for one who didn’t look like she’d jump out of a birthday cake.

10 Whenever They Bring Your Coat to you as you’re leaving, it reeks of Lysol.

If you’ve experienced any or all of these things throughout your time spent dating your boyfriend, it might be time to admit the fact that his parents just don’t like you very much.

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