10 Reasons to Run a Background Check on Your Date

When you meet someone new it can be fun and exciting to get to know this new individual. At times, however, there may be reason to be a bit cautious and even suspicious. Although, the chances of you connecting with someone who is dangerous or involved in criminal activity may be minimal, if you are concerned, you may want to run a background to relieve your anxiety.

  1. Doesn’t Answer To His Name. If your date doesn’t seem to respond immediately to his first name, it may be poor hearing, but it could also be that he is not used to answering to that name. This is just one small clue that may mean nothing, unless their other signs of uncertain identity.
  2. Sirens Make Him Nervous. Does your date get a little jumpy when he hears police sirens heading your direction, or behind the vehicle you’re in? This could be a sign that his experiences with law enforcement have not been pleasant.
  3. He’s “Mistaken” For Someone Else. Have there been occasions when people have called him by another name, and he said they must have mistaken him someone else? Once. Maybe. Twice? Run that background check!
  4. America’s Most Wanted . Does your date have a strong resemblance to the guy they’re looking for on America’s Most Wanted? You may want to check it out. This is especially true if he seems to like to change the channel, anytime the show or a commercial for it comes on.
  5. Background Discrepancies. Does his memory about his former jobs, family and other details seem to change or get confused, often? Why would that be? Maybe a background check would help clarify those memories for him.
  6. Birthdate Confusion. Does he hesitate when asked for his date of birth? That is usually one date that flows pretty smoothly off anyone’s tongue. Any hesitation or confusion on that date should certainly raise some suspicions.
  7. Avoid’s Law Enforcement . Does he seem to hide in the restaurant booth, when a police officer enters? Does he get nervous at the presence of law enforcement vehicles, even when he’s doing the speed limit? This might be a reason to check his background.
  8. “False” Accusations. Have other people told you things about him that he continues to deny? If these tales are not true, he shouldn’t mind exonerating himself with an inexpensive background check, right?
  9. Lots Of money – No Job. Do you receive expensive presents and treated to high class dinner dates? That’s great! Except, if he doesn’t have a job, where is all that money coming from? If he usually pays with cash, besides, I’d definitely consider doing a check on his activities.
  10. Missing Items. Did you come home with cash or credit cards missing from your purse? In this case, a background check is a bit conservative. A phone call direct to the police department would be justified.

Unfortunately, not everyone is above-board and trustworthy. No one should ever feel guilty about wanting to simply verify that what a person says is truthful.

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