10 Reasons People We Love Drive Us Crazy

Have you ever wondered why you can have more patience with someone else’s kid than your own? Why is it easier to laugh at a friend’s joke than your spouses’ even if you’ve heard both before? We have different criteria with how we act with our friends and strangers than we do with the people that we love. We know that they will love us unconditionally. There are probably as many reasons as there are people, but check out 10 reasons the people we love drive us crazy.

  1. We’ve Heard All The Jokes: One reason you hear most often from newlyweds for getting married is that he/she makes me laugh. Yeah, that’s all well and good if they keep their material fresh, but what often happens is that they keep telling the same tired old jokes that you have heard a hundred times. It’s just not funny anymore. Not only is it not funny, it might be downright annoying. Maybe it’s your turn to tell them a joke?
  2. Talk Too Much: Now this can go in several different ways. My daughter is a little chatter- box and she drives us crazy because she never stops talking. And what she is saying is so random you can’t even follow her line of thought. Or maybe your wife talks too much to her friends on her cell phone and that drives you nuts. Or your husband talks too much about work.
  3. Acting Immaturely: When your twelve year old is having a tantrum because you won’t let them go somewhere they really want to go. Or when your spouse is messing around acting like a ten year old instead of a grown up. All of these things can drive you crazy. It doesn’t mean that you love them any less; just that you wish they would act their age.
  4. Playing Ball In The House: It’s always dangerous to play ball in the house, but when you have boys or girls that play a sport sometimes it’s hard to keep them from playing in the house. No matter how many times you tell them to stop playing ball in the house they keep doing it and that can drive you insane. What’s even worse is when your spouse joins in on the game.
  5. Spending Too Much Money: This can go any number of ways, but money is always a hot topic. Your daughter has your credit card at college and she spent too much money on a shopping trip. Your husband was playing poker with the boys and he lost too much money. Your wife when shopping and spent too much money. All of these things can drive you crazy.
  6. Making Too Much Noise When You’re Trying To Do Something: This can be kids or adults. One of you is trying to read something or figure out how to do something and the other is watching TV or playing the Wii. Neither person is doing anything wrong, but it can totally drive you crazy. These are the time when you wish it was practical to wear ear plugs.
  7. Chewing With Your Mouth Open: This mostly relates to kids, but it can be adults too. No matter how many times you tell your kids to chew with their mouth closed they often forget and it’s just really irritating. This can be a really huge pet peeve. It’s even worse when your spouse is constantly yelling at them about it.
  8. Doing Something Without Asking: It may not even be anything that you would have said no to, but when they don’t ask then it just drives you crazy. Whether it’s eating candy or going to a friend’s house without asking. Sometimes things that make you worry can drive you crazy too.
  9. Eating In Bed: Some people have no problems with eating in bed, but others think it’s terrible because you can get crumbs on the sheets and then you are sleeping with crumbs and it’s gross. Now of course some might make an exception to the rule of no eating in bed if it was something like, strawberries and whipped cream.
  10. Reading In Bed: If you are both reading in bed and both awake then it’s usually fine, but when one person goes to sleep and the other person is not tired then there’s a problem. The invention of the e-reader with a backlight is a great thing, that’s all I’m saying.

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