10 Love Lessons From Dirty Harry

Education in romance can come from the most unexpected places, and we don’t always recognize it until it’s too late. Who knew, for instance, that while we were watching Inspector Harry Callahan dispatch thugs with his .44 Magnum Smith & Wesson Model 29 revolver in those Dirty Harry films that we were in fact being schooled in the language of love? Don’t believe us? Consider the following list of ten love lessons we’ve learned from none other than Clint Eastwood, as Dirty Harry Callahan himself:

  1. “A Man’s Got To Know His Limitations.” – Truer words have never been spoken, especially with regard to peaceful coexistence between the sexes. Just ask Charlie Sheen, who shot past his limitations about 9 years and 37 partners ago.
  2. Sometimes You Have To Bend The Rules For The Greater Good. – OK, so you’ve got that personal rule about never doing this, or going there, on a first. Good for you. It’s served you well and overall it’s a wise policy. But then, as Harry demonstrates, rules were made to be broken – when there is something worthwhile to be gained.
  3. Breaking Up May Not Be Such A Bad Thing, All Things Considered. – Yes, it’s true that anything worth having is worth fighting for – but sometimes you just have to cop to reality. You two may need to part ways before things get really painful.
  4. You Can’t Get In, If You Don’t Knock First. – We needlessly complicate things when it comes to matters of the heart – and, ahem, other anatomical regions. Maybe all it takes is a simple knock, knock …
  5. If You’re Not Prepared For The Answer, Don’t Ask The Question. – You’ve gotta ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?
  6. In The End, It’s The Little Things In Life That Really Matter. – Corruption? Perversion? Apathy? Pfft. Mere trifles as compared to a seriously grating dietary faux pas.
  7. Words Can, Um, Penetrate. – A little playful banter can be a great ice-breaker. It’s always best to speak your mind, but choose your words carefully.
  8. Standing Behind Your Man Isn’t Always A Good Thing. – A supportive and trusting partner is to be treasured; but a dangerously curious and naive one, on the other hand …
  9. Size Matters. – Not everyone can be packing the most powerful handgun in the world, and it may not take one to get the job done. But, let’s be honest, would you really want to settle for less?
  10. Don’t Put Off That Phone Call. – No matter where you are, or what may come your way, make sure you get to that phone, if you ever want to see her again.

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