10 Fights Every Young Couple Has

If you are married you will totally get a kick out of remembering all the silly little fights you had as a newlywed and if you are a newlywed maybe these will be food for thought. If you are not married these will just be funny or they may come up if you live with someone. Check out 10 fights every young couple has.

  1. Toilet seat: Do you leave the toilet seat up or down? Does it matter? Speaking as a woman it most certainly does matter if you walk into the bathroom at night in the dark and go to sit down and fall in because the seat was left up. However, coming at it from the guy’s side why should he have to lift the seat and put it down every time he uses the bathroom and the girl doesn’t? So to make it fair I feel that you should put both the seat and the lid down on the toilet. That way the guy can raise both at the same time and put them both down and the woman still has to lift and put down the lid only.
  2. Toilet paper: Now this is a funny argument, but one that people feel very strongly about even into their 60’s. Do you put the roll on so that the toilet paper comes over the top of the roll or from under the roll? If you ask the makers of toilet paper they will tell you that toilet paper was designed to go on the roll with the paper coming over the top of the roll, but frankly you can do whatever you feel comfortable doing. Just know that this is a little battle so someone should be the bigger person and bend to the other’s wishes.
  3. Which side of the bed: If you grew up sleeping in a twin bed it probably won’t make any difference to you which side of the bed you sleep on, but it may if only one side has a lamp for reading or a nightstand to put a book or a glass of water on. If both sides are equal in terms of furniture and lighting then it’s just a matter of taste. Your body will have gotten used to sleeping on one side of the bed and it can actually cause insomnia in some people to sleep on the other side of the bed. Good luck with this one.
  4. Dishes: Who’s going to do the dishes? You would think in this day and age of dishwashers that this would be a moot point, but it isn’t. You still have to have someone do up the dishes that don’t go in the dishwasher. Also, someone needs to unload the dishwasher and put the dishes away. Ideally you would both do the dishes together, one person washes and the other dries. Good luck with that. It would be nice if both of you put the dirty dishes into the dishwasher and that the person who notices that the dishwasher is full runs it. Then it would be equally nice if the first person that gets up in the morning would empty the dishwasher. In an ideal world.
  5. Paying the bills: Who is going to pay the bills? Some couples will think that they will pay them together. For some this may actually work, but for others paying the bills will be a point of stress and cause an argument between the couple. It may work to have one person organize the bills onto a spreadsheet or list and have the other person actually pay them.
  6. Toothpaste: This is a funny one on the surface, but after a while it really gets irritating. You know how lovey dovey young couples are at the beginning? They want to be together all the time and want to share everything, even toothpaste. Do you squeeze the toothpaste tube from the middle or from the end? What about the cap? Do you put it back on when you are done or just leave it on the counter? This is such an issue that toothpaste makers have made toothpaste in bottles and toothpaste tubes with caps that stay attached after you open them, like flip tops.
  7. Buying something without discussing it: When a couple is newly married it’s hard to break the habit of buying whatever you want when you want it. Just make sure that you work together and set a limit above which the item has to be discussed before purchasing it. The national average is $249.
  8. Wet towels: Leaving wet towels on the floor is a huge area of contention. Why is it one person’s job to pick them up and hang them somewhere to dry? A question for those people who leave the wet towel on the floor or bed. Who do you think is going to pick them up, the maid? Why is it anyone else’s job to pick up after you?
  9. Hair in the sink: Now this goes both ways, women hate when men leave hair in the sink after they have shaved and men hate it when women leave hair in the drain from washing their hair. Bottom line is that you both need to make sure the sink is pretty clean and presentable when you get ready to leave the bathroom.
  10. Remote control: Who controls the remote in your family? How do you decide who gets to hold the remote? Do you have one of those partners that like to keep flipping through the stations without even waiting long enough to see what’s on?

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