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Dating Again After Divorce

Relationships do not always last forever and marriages too often end in divorce. But, we all need companionship and we all would like to have a little fun in life. So, for the divorced person, how does one go about dating again after divorce? This issue can be complicated by finances, children, work, and issues […]


Dating On The Rebound A Singles Survival Guide

It’s often our closest friends or family who see us rebounding from a recent relationship before we see it ourselves. A recent break up from a partner to whom you carry a deep and emotive attachment to can make you predisposed to emotional or sexual manipulation by predators. Rebound romances pose immense personal dangers unless […]


Dating on the rebound Good or Bad

Dating a rebounder is something that has long been considered “dangerous dating”. You may be surprised to learn that statistically, the rate of break ups with rebound relationships is the same as conventional relationships. This finding was based on research carried out at a New Jersey University. Many relationship professionals will deter singles from dating […]


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