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Do First Impressions Count in Online Dating?

You always want to make a great first impression when meeting someone for the first time online or in person. You may not be interested in sex on the first date, but you may not want to close the door to early intimacy either. And, you should trust your instincts when something about the person […]


How To Have A Good First Date

We all would like a hot first date, love at first sight, and love ever after. However, a more practical matter is how to have a good first date. What can you do to increase the odds of having a good time with your new friend on your first date? Here are a few thoughts […]


Dumb Things We Do for Love

Love in wonderful. Romance is the goal of every young girl. Sex is exciting and the goal of every young boy as well as every young girl. But, are these things always worth what we put into it? Sometimes the amount of effort involved in seduction, maintaining a relationship, and constantly being available so that […]


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