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Fantasy Dating

There are all sorts of online fantasy dating games to choose from. But, if you play a fantasy dating game, are you learning about dating or living a fantasy? To an extent fantasy dating is like little girls playing with dolls. It is play acting real life and doing so in preparation for the real […]


Is Sex OK If You Are Engaged?

Is sex OK if you are engaged? This is a question that a younger woman or man may want to ask. However, the answer will depend on the culture they grew up in and the culture they live in. Prohibitions against sex before marriage are very strong in many societies and almost non-existent in others. […]


Make Yourself Desirable for Dating

The point of how we dress and act when dating is often to produce sexual desire in the other person. Do you want to make yourself desirable for dating? The dictionary defines desirable as worth having or seeking, advantageous, pleasing, or useful. It also defines desirable as arousing sexual desire. Just how do you want […]


8 Apps Forever Changing College Dating

Dating in college used to depend in equal parts on luck and sticking your neck out to possibly have your ego chopped off by rejection. Thankfully the technology has come along to both give fate a little nudge and avoid undue damage to the old pride. A handful of apps are making permanent marks on […]


Sacrifice For Love

Sacrifice for love is great in romance novels but can be treacherous in a dating relationship. Sometimes relationships are difficult and we need to sacrifice for love. This may be simply giving up the pleasures of a single life in order to raise a family. Or it may be giving up hopes of your own […]


Rekindle The Flame In Your Relationship

It happens to the happiest couples. After years of living together you do the same things over and over again, like ordering a takeout pizza every Friday night. The two of you are able to complete each other’s sentences and you can predict with absolute certainty what he will get you for your birthday. Unfortunately […]


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