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Do You Need to Make More Money Than She Does for the Relationship to Work?

This article is about why men find it difficult to deal with a smart, successful and independent woman. There are some basic facts about internalized expectations that follow men (and women) from childhood into adult life and these expectations can torpedo an otherwise promising relationship. To be more precise, do you need to make more […]


Dating Advice You Should Ignore

Sometimes we make dating a lot more difficult than it has to be. It starts with giving and getting excessive advice on how to find someone and how to proceed. GQ offers their opinion on dating advice you should always ignore. If you believe books, gurus, experts, dreary bloggers and, worst of all, your nightmare […]


Is the Same Level of Education Important When You Are Dating?

What should you look for when deciding to date someone? You may fantasize about a hot first date but how about finding someone, hot, that you can spend your life with? A question that came up recently is if the same level of education is important when you are dating? Does education matter wonders Science […]


Do All Guys Want Sex on the First Date?

We often mention that sex on the first date is a common fantasy and for some a constant goal. But do all guys want sex on the first date? A web site named Last First Date has an interesting take on why all men want to have sex on the first date. Men have shared […]


Looking for Companionship

Looking for companionship is different from looking for a hot first date or for that matter looking for someone to marry. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines companionship. Companionship: the good feeling that comes from being with someone else If you are looking for companionship you are looking for a companion. A companion is someone that […]


What Is Power Dating?

We ran across an article recently that mentioned power dating. Did not know what this term meant and looked on the internet. What is power dating? We found two definitions for power dating in the Urban Dictionary. 1) Dating many people in a short space of time to maximize the chances of meeting someone you […]


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