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How Do You Know That the Guy You Are Dating Is the One You Will Marry?

For most women the ultimate purpose of dating is to find a suitable companion for life. Online dating is useful in this quest because, like speed dating, it allows a girl to select more efficiently from a larger pool of suitable persons. And, online dating sites take on some of the tasks of a matchmaker […]


What Should a Hispanic Girl Do to Meet a “Gringo”?

Sometimes the search for a more interesting, more prosperous, and freer life, and life companion, takes us to places far from where we were born. And sometimes the opportunity to meet that special someone and find a different life can start closer to home. These thoughts occurred while wondering, what should a Hispanic girl do […]


What Is Missing from the Online Dating Experience?

Online dating has become increasingly popular, especially with the introduction of many “online dating apps” that make it so much easier to meet, or discard, someone in your dating life. Aside from the fact that some online dating apps can be dangerous and can result in online dating crimes, what is missing from the online […]


¿Por qué es difícil pasar de una aplicación de citas a una cita real?

Las citas en línea pueden hacer que sea más fácil conocer gente y decidir si la persona que conocimos en línea es alguien a quien queremos ver en persona. Las aplicaciones de citas especializadas simplemente han hecho este proceso más eficiente. Pero, algunas personas están atrapadas en la aplicación de citas, enviando mensajes de texto […]


Why Is It Difficult to Move from a Dating App to a Real Date?

Online dating can make it easier to meet people and easier to decide if the person we met online is someone whom we want to see in person. Specialized dating apps have simply made this process more efficient. But, some folks are stuck in the dating app, texting back and forth, mode without ever going […]


Are You Ready for a Relationship?

A lot has been written about men who do not want to commit to a relationship. This trait is commonly seen as a character flaw. But, not everyone wants or is ready for a long term, serious relationship. Here are some reasons why and some thoughts about knowing when you are ready for a relationship. […]


When Does Dating Turn into a Relationship?

You have been going out with a new friend. You seem to get along well. Maybe you even have been intimate. But, is this still a series of dates, or are the two of you moving on to something more permanent? When does dating turn into a relationship? Here are some thoughts about the mile […]


Things People Lie about on Their Dating Profile

A basic part of online dating is the dating profile or resume. Writing a great dating profile is part of making a great first impression. But, there are things people lie about on their dating profile. First of all, you need to write a good profile to make that good impression. If you want to […]


You Need to Date a Person a Second Time to Know if This One Is the Right One

In the world of dating, we always tend to think about the first date. Should we kiss on the first date? How can we have a cheap first date when we are interested in someone but do not have a lot of money? Is sex on the first date really a possibility? But, despite the […]


Tips for Dating for the First Time

You may have a crush on a boy or girl in one of your classes in school. Or there may someone in your neighborhood who has gotten your attention. How do you get their attention and their interest? How do you turn that first bit of attraction into a real date? Here are a few […]

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