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Can True Love Be Found Online?

For many people, the only way they meet someone is online. But, can true love be found online? According to The Date Mix, dating stats from 2017 show the following. Nineteen percent of new brides said their met the love of their life online Couples who meet online get married sooner Online marriages are less […]


Do You Want a Love Life or a Relationship?

Are you are new to the world of dating? Or are you back in the dating scene after breaking up with your last partner? In either case, it is useful to think about what you are looking for when you go out with someone. In short, do you want a love life or a relationship? […]


Does He Want Your Body or Your Money?

All too often in the news we hear about a dating scam. A person is looking for hot first date and then a happy relationship. And in the end they are the victim of identity theft. There are times when you need to ask yourself, does he want your body or your money? Three years […]


Do You Need to Make More Money Than She Does for the Relationship to Work?

This article is about why men find it difficult to deal with a smart, successful and independent woman. There are some basic facts about internalized expectations that follow men (and women) from childhood into adult life and these expectations can torpedo an otherwise promising relationship. To be more precise, do you need to make more […]


Do You Know What You Want in a Relationship?

Years ago we wrote about getting the relationship that you want. But, do you know what you want in a relationship? Getting the relationship that you want, starts when you begin online dating. Do you want a casual relationship, to be just good friends? Or do you want a hot first date to lead to […]


Succeed in Dating by Learning to Love Yourself First

You have been going out on dates and are not getting any repeats. What should you do to get a second date? Most of us go out on a first date with romance in mind, so a hot first date is always welcome. But what if you want many encores and a happy life with […]


Do You Need a Dating Coach?

When you find someone through an online dating site how does it work out? Are you able to connect with that person and move from online chats to a real honest face to face date? And if you are making it that far are any of those first dates developing into a meaningful relationship? We […]


Which Two Astrological Signs Are Most Compatible?

We have looked at many ways to decide on whom to date. There was dating advice from Grandma in which you listen to the voice of experience. And there was dating advice from the crowd in which you use a dating app to let total strangers tell you how to run your dating life. Speed […]


Will You Ever Find a Man if You Hate Men?

This article assumes that you are female and heterosexual. What we write applies to both sexes and any sexual preference, but you need to make the appropriate adjustments. The details of sexual abuse revealed by the Me Too movement generally come as no surprise to most women although many men still do not get it. […]


Be Careful with Debt in Relationships

The Bible tells us that money or at least the love of money is the root of all evil. That statement may be a bit excessive but money and debt can certainly be problems in relationships. Years ago we wrote about dealing with gold diggers. Guys, have you dated someone who only seems interested in […]

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