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Will You Ever Find a Man if You Hate Men?

This article assumes that you are female and heterosexual. What we write applies to both sexes and any sexual preference, but you need to make the appropriate adjustments. The details of sexual abuse revealed by the Me Too movement generally come as no surprise to most women although many men still do not get it. […]


Be Careful with Debt in Relationships

The Bible tells us that money or at least the love of money is the root of all evil. That statement may be a bit excessive but money and debt can certainly be problems in relationships. Years ago we wrote about dealing with gold diggers. Guys, have you dated someone who only seems interested in […]


Online Dating When You Are a Single Parent

You are a single mom or dad. Perhaps you had a difficult relationship and are glad to be out of it and perhaps you lost the love of your life due to accident or illness. Either way you are ready to have another adult back in your life and a little romance would be nice […]


Is It Possible to Be Friends with Benefits?

Everyone has watched or certainly heard of the TV show, Friends with Benefits. Two young friends have each had their fill of trying to make relationships work. But they would each still like to have sex from time to time. The episodes typically revolve around the same sort of interactions seen in romantic comedies despite […]


Does Fear of Failure Keep You in a Bad Relationship?

The most important people in a relationship are you and your friend. Your family, friends and social group are not the ones who need to be happy. But, unfortunately, social pressure, peer pressure and nagging family can set us up for failure in our relationships. Letting everyone else give advice on your relationship is like […]


Online Dating Fake News

How do you make the best choices when dating online? We have written about everything from dating advice from grandma to dating advice from the crowd in which one uses an app to gather dating advice from complete strangers! Now the online dating site eHarmony has advertised that they use science to help people find […]


Bringing Your New Friend Home to Meet the Family

You met someone you really like and the two of you have been seeing a lot of each other. Christmas is almost here and you are thinking about bringing your new friend home to meet the family. Is this a good idea? Is this a bad idea? What sort of problems might arise when you […]


Do Not Start Dating Over the Holidays

The holidays are nearly upon us. It is a time for family and old friends. But if we are not dating someone we may feel left out. If this applies to you perhaps you might be tempted to start dating someone just to have a person to bring home for Christmas dinner. Our advice is […]


Are All of Your Dates Like the Movie Groundhog Day?

In the movie Groundhog Day the character Phil played by Bill Murray, lives the same day over and over again until he learns an important lesson about himself and changes how he treats people. He has lots of adventures but never escapes from Groundhog Day until he changes a few simple things. The point of […]


Dark Side of Online Dating in Missouri!

We usually think that things are safer in the American heartland. In regard to online dating that may not be the case. It turns out there is a dark side to online dating in Missouri of all places. We ran across an article from KOAM TV saying that online dating in Missouri is dangerous. According […]

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