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Best Dating Advice Ever

We frequently write about where to get good dating advice. To a degree, what passes for good advice will depend on what, specifically, you are looking for. Do you want a hot first date? If this is your goal, you will need flirting tips and French kissing tips as well as advice about sexy ways […]


Best Free Online Dating Sites

With the rise of the internet as a means of communication and social interaction, online dating sites followed quickly. Young people who have never had a relationship use online dating as do those who have had relationships that failed. Widow and widowers are using online dating sites to find romance again after losing a lifetime […]


What Is a Successful Date?

Most of us would say that a hot first date qualifies as a successful date. But, how about when you date someone, decide that you don’t like them, and learn something about yourself in the process? What is a successful date? The “definition” of a date is when people meet socially with the intent of […]


Los socios ideales no existen

El tema recurrente de los cuentos de hadas es que la princesa anhela y finalmente encuentra a su único amor verdadero. Esta persona, típicamente un príncipe guapo y rico, es su pareja ideal en el romance y en la vida. Desafortunadamente, los socios ideales no existen fuera de los libros y los cuentos de hadas. […]


Ideal Partners No Not Exist

The recurring theme of fairy tales is that the princess longs for and finally finds her one true love. This person, typically a handsome and wealthy prince, is her ideal partner in romance and in life. Unfortunately, ideal partners do not exist outside of books and fairy tales. The other side of the coin is […]


Is Online Dating Really Efficient?

Online dating has a lot of advantages over the traditional ways of meeting people. But, you can get overwhelmed by the number of online dating apps and the number of resumes you may need to sort through. Is online dating really efficient or is it just another way to waste our time? A dear, and […]


Is the Person You Are Dating the One to Spend Your Life With?

We all would like a little romance in our lives. In fact, a lot of romance would be even better. So, when we find someone we fall in love with, have a great time with, and enjoy having sex with, this is the person whom we should marry. Is that right? Is the person you […]


When Dating How Soon Should You Talk about Your Past?

We have repeatedly mentioned that communication leads to lasting relationships. But, talking too soon about your recent divorce or other difficult issues can be a problem. And, some people have things in their past that they would just as soon not have everyone know about. Nevertheless, when the relationship gets to a certain point you […]


Online Dating Resolutions for the New Year

The New Year is approaching and it is time again to resolve to do things that we have put off or things we need to do differently. If you have been dating online and have not been happy with the results, it is time for online dating resolutions for the New Year. What you need […]


If You Just Want to Be Friends

One of the most painful rejections many of us may remember from our younger years is when he or she says that they want to be just good friends. Back when you were fourteen you had a crush on the girl in your English class. Finally, you found enough courage to ask her to go […]

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