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Best Dating Advice Ever

We frequently write about where to get good dating advice. To a degree, what passes for good advice will depend on what, specifically, you are looking for. Do you want a hot first date? If this is your goal, you will need flirting tips and French kissing tips as well as advice about sexy ways […]


¿Qué es una cita exitosa?

La mayoría de nosotros diríamos que una primera cita caliente califica como una cita exitosa. Pero, ¿qué pasa cuando sales con alguien, decides que no te gustan y aprendes algo sobre ti en el proceso? ¿Qué es una cita exitosa? La “definición” de una cita es cuando las personas se reúnen socialmente con la intención […]


What Is a Successful Date?

Most of us would say that a hot first date qualifies as a successful date. But, how about when you date someone, decide that you don’t like them, and learn something about yourself in the process? What is a successful date? The “definition” of a date is when people meet socially with the intent of […]


Is Online Dating Really Efficient?

Online dating has a lot of advantages over the traditional ways of meeting people. But, you can get overwhelmed by the number of online dating apps and the number of resumes you may need to sort through. Is online dating really efficient or is it just another way to waste our time? A dear, and […]


You Need to Date a Person a Second Time to Know if This One Is the Right One

In the world of dating, we always tend to think about the first date. Should we kiss on the first date? How can we have a cheap first date when we are interested in someone but do not have a lot of money? Is sex on the first date really a possibility? But, despite the […]


Does He Want Your Body or Your Money?

All too often in the news we hear about a dating scam. A person is looking for hot first date and then a happy relationship. And in the end they are the victim of identity theft. There are times when you need to ask yourself, does he want your body or your money? Three years […]


Do You Need to Make More Money Than She Does for the Relationship to Work?

This article is about why men find it difficult to deal with a smart, successful and independent woman. There are some basic facts about internalized expectations that follow men (and women) from childhood into adult life and these expectations can torpedo an otherwise promising relationship. To be more precise, do you need to make more […]


Do You Need a Dating Coach?

When you find someone through an online dating site how does it work out? Are you able to connect with that person and move from online chats to a real honest face to face date? And if you are making it that far are any of those first dates developing into a meaningful relationship? We […]


Be Careful with Debt in Relationships

The Bible tells us that money or at least the love of money is the root of all evil. That statement may be a bit excessive but money and debt can certainly be problems in relationships. Years ago we wrote about dealing with gold diggers. Guys, have you dated someone who only seems interested in […]


¿Existe Alguna Forma Compasiva de Terminar con Alguien?

A veces puedes darte cuenta que una relación no va a funcionar. Entonces lo mejor es cortar antes de que las cosas avancen más allá. ¿Pero qué pasa si la otra persona todavía está interesada en una relación? No crees que la relación vaya a funcionar, pero tampoco quieres herir innecesariamente a la otra persona. […]

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