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Ideal Partners No Not Exist

The recurring theme of fairy tales is that the princess longs for and finally finds her one true love. This person, typically a handsome and wealthy prince, is her ideal partner in romance and in life. Unfortunately, ideal partners do not exist outside of books and fairy tales. The other side of the coin is […]


¿Las citas en línea son realmente eficientes?

Las citas en línea tienen muchas ventajas sobre las formas tradicionales de conocer gente. Sin embargo, puede sentirse abrumado por la cantidad de aplicaciones de citas en línea y la cantidad de currículums que puede necesitar. ¿Las citas en línea son realmente eficientes o es solo otra forma de perder el tiempo? Una querida y […]


Is Online Dating Really Efficient?

Online dating has a lot of advantages over the traditional ways of meeting people. But, you can get overwhelmed by the number of online dating apps and the number of resumes you may need to sort through. Is online dating really efficient or is it just another way to waste our time? A dear, and […]


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